Have you ever found yourself with compulsive thoughts? — Maybe about a situation that is anxiety inducing, or a relationship that is causing distress or a job that is causing stress? You are not alone, and this article will provide you with a practical tool to help you organize your thoughts and focus on constructive mental activity.

Are you the master of your mind?

Our mind thinks a thought every damn second. Literally — just pause and observe your mind for the next 20 seconds. How many thoughts crossed your mind?

With so many things happening around us, we are in a state of constant stimulation from…

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We are human ‘be’ings and not human doings. Our true nature as recounted by many sages is to be. To be in tune and alignment with our feelings and emotions.

With so much upheaval happening all around us, irrespective of the part of the globe we are in, it is becoming imperative that we give conscious communication its due.

Conscious communication is the ability to respond to a person or situation instead of reacting to it.

I sat with my avocado toast and coffee this morning to listen to Robin Sharma. In between stuffed mouthfuls, I heard him say something that slowed down my chomping —

“In order to heal a wound, you need to feel a wound”

I came to realize in my early 30s that the need to always do something stemmed from a desire to not feel the uncomfortable. I had lived 3 decades and that meant I had not only seen success, encouragement and love, but also heartache. I loved the former, felt acutely uncomfortable with the latter.

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You are seen to…

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We all live by a value system. I am not talking about the values passed down generations in the family. I am talking about the values of you as an individual. I am here to make a case for values to be an essential part of recruiting, task allocation and employee development.

To dive deeper and understand your value system, look back at two instances in your life. We will call them direct and indirect –

A. Direct: one where you were extremely happy, free and in the flow. You did not need time management tools or focus apps to…

It’s not what you do once every year that is going to allow you to live a legendary life, it’s what you do every single day — Robin Sharma

I live in New York City and the pace of the Big Apple can sometimes drive you versus you driving your life. Over the past year I came up with 5 simple daily habits which help me live those moments more consciously and productively.

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Early to rise….

I was a night person — would sleep past midnight and struggle to get up in the morning. My mornings were rushed with enough time to get…

Life beyond search for ‘the one’

Friends talked about matters so grave

The boys they craved

The families they wanted

Goals they flaunted

She sat, she heard

Held on hard, trying to stay

But piecemeal drifting away

She did not grasp

The desperation for someone to clasp

She felt lost

Among the programmed lot

The resolute search for ‘the one’

A partner to complete

When all they needed

Has been right within their being

She wished for a world

Where conversations unfurled

To realms beyond the seen

Whimsical and free

Maybe she will find her tribe

The ones who break the order

And bravely ponder

Beyond life’s pre-knit seams

To untethered dreams

A poetic inner transformation

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When you begin to come undone

There are things to unlearn

Skins to shed

Beliefs put to bed


You might feel forlorn

With so much of the past to mourn

But the universe is right there with you

Standing and watching as you bid adieu

To the life that was


You can’t see

But the universe rejoices

As you pick up the pieces

Choosing a new way of living

You are a freaking unicorn

One of a kind, being reborn


Yes, the universe is watching you

You, who is not a caterpillar

Not yet a butterfly either

My beautiful evolving friend

You are loved as you ascend

Closer to the divine

And all that there is

Organizations have a crisis management plan for dealing with extraordinary scenarios such as cyber attack, natural disaster, etc. The idea is that a crisis calls for operating outside of ‘business-as-usual’ by implementing new operating procedures that would allow for the business to continue with minimal disruption and restore service.

So, lets apply this to friendships. Your loved one (a friend) goes through a crisis situation, or maybe multiple situations. The circumstances are not usual and standard operating procedures do not apply any more.

For your friend to continue without minimal disruption to life and restore normalcy, there is a need…

My marriage ended. My precious volunteering sabbatical did not go as planned. After conscious intentions and planning, I find myself right where I was a few months back when I started a transformation journey in an Indian village. That hurt.

Being adventurous, charting my own way, listening to my inner voice — did NOT heal me. Just this once, I needed something else. Something more predictable.

My friends, though well meaning, are unable to truly empathize. They would rather hop around in lightness, while I would sit in front of a candle and mull over what the F happened.


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There are signs and we ignore them — many times due to societal conditioning that teaches us to adjust. However, there are some key signs in an argument that will point clearly to a self-centered and highly narcissist partners. Here is a short three pointer guide to recognize one

You are completely at fault, irrespective of the situation

“It is all your fault”, “You spoiled my life”, “You turned my life upside down”. Sound familiar?

In order to see our accountability in a situation, we need to think from another person’s perspective. Narcissists lack the ability to think of anyone else. As a result, narcissist partners do not have…

Vidushi Sandhir

Technology Consultant by day. A spiritual vagabond, passionate learner and dreamer. Empowering healing for people, currently through Reiki and Ayurvedic Marma

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