Meri Pyaari Nani Ma, Gudiya/ My loving grandma, doll

You left this physical reality today
I say physical reality because I know that at soul level you are with us, have been with us for many lifetimes

I will see you again, of that I am sure
Different form, different name…

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We are human ‘be’ings and not human doings. Our true nature as recounted by many sages is to be. To be in tune and alignment with our feelings and emotions.

With so much upheaval happening all around us, irrespective of the part of the globe we are in, it is…

Life beyond search for ‘the one’

Friends talked about matters so grave

The boys they craved

The families they wanted

Goals they flaunted

She sat, she heard

Held on hard, trying to stay

But piecemeal drifting away

She did not grasp

The desperation for someone to clasp

She felt lost

Among the programmed lot

The resolute search for ‘the one’

A partner to complete

When all they needed

Has been right within their being

She wished for a world

Where conversations unfurled

To realms beyond the seen

Whimsical and free

Maybe she will find her tribe

The ones who break the order

And bravely ponder

Beyond life’s pre-knit seams

To untethered dreams

A poetic inner transformation

Source: Unsplash

When you begin to come undone

There are things to unlearn

Skins to shed

Beliefs put to bed


You might feel forlorn

With so much of the past to mourn

But the universe is right there with you

Standing and watching as you bid adieu

To the life that was


You can’t see

But the universe rejoices

As you pick up the pieces

Choosing a new way of living

You are a freaking unicorn

One of a kind, being reborn


Yes, the universe is watching you

You, who is not a caterpillar

Not yet a butterfly either

My beautiful evolving friend

You are loved as you ascend

Closer to the divine

And all that there is

Vidushi Sandhir

Technology Consultant by day. A spiritual vagabond, passionate learner and dreamer. Empowering healing for people, currently through Reiki and Ayurvedic Marma

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